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We at Gulf American Line, are committed to do our share for a better future. Beginning in 2010, we began our own program to transition to the highest standards that we can achieve by incorporating the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles into our company culture. Our company culture is based on respect and trust for human rights, labor, the environment and our communities, which extends around the world.


We are proud of our truly diverse work force. We believe that diversity is not only a key driver for innovation but also essential to business in the 21st century. Our employees speak many different languages, which is critical in international transportation and also gives us a competitive edge. In addition to our team’s specific skills and talents, our employees bring in unique qualities and perspectives of which our company culture encourages for continuous growth and improvement.

Our work force is comprised out of the same percentage of woman and men. That includes our management team.


We believe that the key element to a cleaner and better environment is to produce less waste. Since 2010, our offices have steadily increased paperless transactions and our warehouses manage effective pallet recycling programs. Since then we have implemented paperless administrative processing in most of our internal and external applications. Moreover, we have completely upgraded the lighting system at our Wilmington office and warehouse, which reduces the energy consumption by almost 50%, while the energy saving occupancy sensors at the fixtures conserve even more energy.

In 2011 we set up an even farther reaching recycling program for paper, plastics, and aluminum.


Gulf American Line is committed to its employees, customers and the environment as a whole. Regardless of the size or type of your shipment, you can rest assured that the best team is handling your freight with environmental and safety principles in mind.

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